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-IV Therapy-

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is the quickest, safest way to administer vitamins and nutrients to enhance immunity, increase energy levels and help manage chronic health problems. When taken orally, nutrients are absorbed as each body allows. IV infusions deliver 100% of each vitamin and nutrient directly into your blood stream, providing maximum absorption for quick results.

Increase energy, improve sleep, improve immunity, increase libido, balances hormones, anti-aging, liver & kidney detoxifier, enhances athletic performance, fast recovery, cell regeneration, minimize inflammation, increase metabolism.

The most power antioxidant, Glutathione is produced and used by every single cell in the human body. The benefits of this single antioxidant are far beyond any single vitamin.

Lightens and removes dark spots, supports chronic fatigue and illness, ensures quick healing of tissues, reinforces healing for neuro disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, enhances athletic performance, aides with liver disease and detoxification, produces energy, improves hair and skin.

Cost for hydration and Vitamin Therapy is $195.00
*All vitamins are included in one dose, including Glutathione
*We do not bill insurance companies
*All IV infusion performed by Licensed Registered Nurses

Microneedling Stem Cell Treatment

  • Celluma LED inclided

Microneedling Stem Cell Package

  • Series of 3 treatments, one treatment per month. Celluma LED included

  • *Savings of $250

PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

  • Injections and Celluma LED included

PRP Package

  • Series of 3 treatments, one treatment per month. One Stem Cell Treatment, 2 PRP with injections and Celluma LED

  • *Savings of $400

PRP Package with IV Vitamin Therapy

  • Series of 3 treatments, one per month. 1 Stem CEll Treatment. 2 PRP with injections and Celluma LED. IV Vitamin Therapy, one per month

PRP Treatment Package

  • Series of 3 Treatments. PRP Injections and Celluma LED included

  • *Savings of $250

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